Day 10

We had a great day flying together!    The cloud base was very low at launch time so we spent over 2 hrs waiting for bases to rise and to start the task. We started with the French and Russians.

The first leg had some great cloud lines and we were even with the French at the first turnpoint.

Leg two to the north featured a decent blue hole and we working into the wind. We found some great lift lines though. We rigged and the French zagged and they beat us to turnpoint two.

The run south was not as well defined as we came back across the blue. We caught up to Luka and just beat the French into the turnpoint although they were higher and we were pretty much even.

The day was starting to get soft so they zigged and we zagged again. God I love this sport. We caught a good climb which got us to final glide altitude and made it home about 3 minutes ahead of them.

Turns out we  nailed the timing on the day and placed 2nd and 3rd!! The standings in the middle of the pack have compressed significantly and François is well poised for getting on the podium.

Two more days!!


Low Clouds before the start!


Flying with KA


Kaliningrad just off to the left


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